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The Sustainable Design Masterclass bring together some of the top Regenerative System Designers in the world. They provide lessons on restoring ecology, growing profitable businesses, and improving their communities while they increase yields. These are entrepreneurs, farmers, ecologists, soil scientists, and regenerative agriculture designers from every region on earth.  The masterclass provides not only cutting edge research in Regenerative Agriculture, but practical experience based in the real world.  Even in the harshest environments on earth, you can restore ecology and provide livelihoods, and these presenters are proving it. Subscribe to the SDMC, and get live webinar access, replay access, downloads, and access to the SDMC live Facebook group, where you can talk to and collaborate with other members and teachers.

Other Packages

The Terraforming Series

How do you convert one of the hottest, driest climates on earth into an ecosystem which can support a whole tribe of people? How do you repair lifeless rock into living soil? How do you terraform one of the harshest deserts on Earth into a productive Ecosystem?
In our 4-part Ecosystem Regeneration series, led by Neal Spackman, we’ll answer all of those questions and more.
Neal Spackman faced one the most challenging climates on the planet when he started managing the Al Baydha Project in Saudia Arabia.
Over the course of 6 years, he has worked with settled nomads to convert a desolate site into a functioning system that creates soil, sequesters carbon, and increases groundwater levels.

Future Webinars

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July 6th 2017- Bren Smith:

Restorative Ocean Farming

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