Pleistocene Park: Rewilding Siberia to Save the Climate

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Nikita Zimov, Neal Spackman & Raleigh Latham

In the heart Siberia a sleeping giant has awakened. The permafrost, frozen for thousands of years, is starting to thaw. As the climate heats up, methane trapped in the permafrost could kick climate change into overdrive. A team of Russian Scientists, led by Ecologists Nikita and Sergei Zimov, have a solution for stopping permafrost meltdown in the Taiga…by restoring an ancient ecosystem.

 Their mission is to restore the grassland ecosystem of the Pleistocene across the Taiga with large herds of mammals that were hunted out after the last Ice Age. That includes bringing back Bison, Reindeer, Yaks, Elks, Horses, Bears, Moose, and potentially…mammoths. Their decades of experience have shown that large herds of mammals can help keep the permafrost frozen by restoring deep rooted grasses and compacting the snow throughout the year.  

They hope to restore giant herds of mammals that could roam across the Taiga, restoring the ecosystem that will help keep the permafrost frozen...

Join us in this extremely important webinar with Nikita Zimov, as we learn about Pleistocene Park, and attempt to raise the funds the Zimovs need to make their vision come to life. 

In this webinar, your contributions can help us rewild the grasslands of Siberia, help the climate, and even adopt a bison! Read more details below. 


US Time: 10:30 AM PST, April 8 (Saturday)

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Neal Spackman

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Nikita Zimov

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What the presentation will cover..

  • The reality of melting permafrost in the Siberian Taiga, and what it means for your future.
  • The processes that could help prevent a massive permafrost thaw event.
  • How restoring the ancient grasslands in the Taiga can help protect the permafrost, and the climate.
  • The Zimovs plan to re-wild the Taiga, and establish large herds of mammals across Siberia.
  • How herds of large herbivores can help keep permafrost from thawing, and what it will take.
  • How it could be possible to bring back the Wooly Mammoth from extinction.
  • What you can do to help...

Nikita Zimov runs the Northeast Science Station, an Arctic research outpost near Cherskiy, which supports a range of science projects along the Kolyma River, including Pleistocene Park. The station and the park are both funded with a mix of grants from the European Union and America’s National Science Foundation.  

Nikita and his father Sergei Zimov, have been on the forefront of research on climate impacts in the Siberian Taiga. They hypothesize that it is possible to prevent catastrophic feedbacks by restoring grassland ecosystems. Their mission is to Rewild the Taiga, starting with Pleistocene Park.

They are currently running a kickstarter to buy a large herd of animals to add to the scope of Pleistocene Park.


We're giving away special bonuses to people that donate to the Kickstarter through the webinar!

  • Donate $150 or more= Win a year-long subscription to the Sustainable Design Masterclass worth $240.
  • Donate $500 or more= Win a year long subscription to the Sustainable Design Masterclass AND a 60 minute consultation with Neal Spackman, worth $600.
  • The Largest Contributor will get also recieve 6 bottles of Organic Mead from Gold Coast Meadery (worth $100).

A Worthy Challenge: If we raise $5000 or more through the webinar, we will adopt a Bison, and we will let you decide its name.

Let's make it happen.

P.S. If you contribute to the Kickstarter BEFORE the Webinar, you can still claim the prizes, just take a screenshot of your donation receipt.

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Hope to see you at the Webinar!

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